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From Five12 Restaurant Concepts, the group behind Houston’s popular Dish Society restaurant chain, comes Daily Gather. So, what is Daily Gather you ask? We would pose a different question in return: WHO is Daily Gather? Our simple answer is that it is OUR family, and we cordially invite you to our table.

Our food is based on classics that we grew up with, not only here in Texas but across the US and beyond. You will recognize and feel them because of nostalgia, whether young or old, but you will also see them in a new light that is unexpected, because that’s who WE are. You will experience countries and cultures that are familiar because of the beautiful mosaic that is Houston’s food culture.

Our cocktails are based on classics. There is beauty in technique, history, tall tales and even wars that create the world of cocktails. We pay tribute to all these influences, then take a sidestep (and a tip of a hat) to put our twists and desires of flavor on these libations. Because one should not partake in good food without great drinks.

On that note…

Our selected wines are based on classics. The varietals that people love and crave. The crisp acidity and rich boldness that paints the spectrum of what simple grapes can be. Though the favorites will always be nearby, we love good juice, and our quirky, smelly, eccentric selves will have to make way to the stage, if only for a moment. You don’t have to try us immediately, but we will always be there.

Our hospitality is classic. Understanding memories around the dining table and the power that it brings is our passion. We want our guests to feel comfortable and at ease here. Not to have worries because we are here to guide them towards an exceptional memory to carry on. What better way to create moments than at the dinner table? Our family at Daily Gather can’t imagine it any other way.